Night Market at the Roastery


As our friend Two Slice said, “Durban, night-time, Gale Street, who would have thought?” Indeed. But last Thursday night at the Colombo factory in Gale Street, Durban made us proud.

Darryl Hoffman of Yossi’s fame, together with the boys from Colombo and all the people who sold their delectable goods put on a night to remember and the Blackwood Baristi were delighted to be a part of it (especially considering that we got to play on the stunning new Victoria Arduino espresso machines that pulled shots and steamed milk for hours on end).

Colombo’s training centre/roastery, on the top floor of their factory, was converted into the coolest flea market in Durbantown. Picture this: a jazz band, hundreds of people, three two-group espresso machines, a bar, tables, chairs, stacks of hay, ciabatta, curry, wine, biltong, crazily tasty cashew nut honey-brittle and the like all mixed up and milling about amidst big coffee roasting machines and the general industrial-chic of harbour-front Durban on a Spring evening!

 Kudos to all involved – Durban wants more!

 Enjoy the pictures…


Well done, Durban.


We were only too happy to help the Colombo boys test their new machines...

Isn't she lovely?


Ah, the candlelit ambience of Gale Street...

Is there anything cooler than people playing jazz, in suits, surrounded by coffee machinery?


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