Well, hello there…

And thank you very much if you’ve already subscribed to our blog or left a comment on it – your support is much appreciated.

Ever since we started this blog about three days ago, we’ve been thinking a lot about the type of blog we’d like it to be. What it comes down to, really, is that we want this to be the type of blog that we ourselves would like to visit on a regular basis.

And the types of blogs we like to visit are blogs that are regularly updated.

We know that updating regularly is something at which many bloggers fail, but it’s something we’ll try to do.

Whether it’s a short update on what’s happening in the business, a link to an interesting website or blog, tips for home- and café-based baristas or simply a picture we like, we’ll try to keep it interesting, useful and regular like an All Bran eater.

So, to start with, here are links to a few of our favourite coffee-related blogs and websites:


2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffman’s intelligent, accessible and well-formed perspectives on roasting, retail and coffee in general.

Cape Town aesthetes and coffee-devotees who speak their minds and run one of the most strikingly minimalistic coffee shops around.


Friendly Irishman and 2010 World Barista Championship Semifinalist Colin wants nothing more than for you to enjoy coffee in all its forms.


The good ol’ boys at Colombo will try their hand at anything: roasting, competing in and running barista competitions, building training centres with their own bare hands and blogging…and they do it all so well.


The inimitable Juddy-Poo and Two-Slice hit us up with their caffeined-out, hyperbolic and downright hilarious takes on everything from male hairdressers to espresso to saving the dolphins. They give away lots of stuff too.


The name says it all – everything you need to know about the art, frustrations and science of pulling jaw-dropping shots in your kitchen-café.


Basically, Facebook for baristas – you’ll be surprised how willing people are to help with any and every problem you could face on this crema-soaked journey of liquid delight.

Well, we’ve given you enough to keep you reading and experimenting for a while – just don’t forget to come back and read our blog too!



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