Dear Internetland,


Hello, and welcome to the world of Blackwood Baristi.

We are a barista-training and café-consultancy team based in Durban, South Africa and we hope that this blog, apart from being one of the ways in which we advertise our services, becomes a window into café society and good coffee in the city and country we love.

Our goal is to show you what’s out there. We want to introduce you to coffee as an art, a science and as a conduit for friendship and conversation. We want to help you to find and create great coffee experiences in your town or city, your neighbourhood, your own café or home.

We want to make you love coffee.

Because we do.

Here’s to bumping into you again…



4 responses to “Dear Internetland,

  • Ty H

    Proud of you boys!
    Good luck!

  • Liz Harpur

    Impressive start…friendly, yet professional and business-like….look forward to seeing what comes next…

  • pauline felix

    Love the name BBB- look forward to updates…

  • Claire

    Saw this link on FB and very interested in what you guys are doing. I work up in Jozi and have been in the coffee industry, working for an international brand for the 18 months. I’d love to meet up with you guys next time i’m down there.

    Please send me a mail with your details and a bit more about what you do.

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